Virtual exhibitions


Boris Aleksandrovich Lupanov (1887-1959): to the 130th anniversary of his birthday

Anthony Muchkovsky’s Books in the Fund of the Scientific Library of the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University

The Notes of Imperial Novorossiysk University – 150!

Architectural heritage of the academician Mykolai Konstantynovych Tolvinskyi in Odesa: to the 160 anniversary of the architect


Historical and cultural monuments – the chronicle of the people

For the dates – names, for the names – history: to the 160th annivesary of Dobroklonskiy Aleksandr Pavlovich (1856-1937)

To the 250th anniversary of Armand-Emmanuel de Vignerot du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu

Chronicler of history of Ukraine: the 150th anniversary of M. Hrushevsky birth.

Scientist-researcher and organizer of science: to the Mykhailo Yukhymovych Rakovskyi 100th anniversary.

Heorhii Ivanovych Narbut (1886-1920) – innate books artist: the 130th anniversary of his birth.

Look trough the centuries – to the Petro Yosypovych Karyshkovskyi-Ikar 95th anniversary.

An outstanding lawyer, scientist-jurist: to the 150th anniversary of Ye. V. Vaskovskyi.

Multifaceted heritage of Mykhailo Illich Mandes (1866-1934): to the 150th anniversary of historian, philologist, specialist in Greek literature.

Artemii Hryhorovych Hotalov-Hotlib (1866-1960): to the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Book collection of Count Oleksandr Hryhorovych Strohanov: to the 220th anniversary of his birth.


Collection of polish slavist, ethnographer and traveler: to the 220th anniversary of Andzhey Kukharskyi (1795-1862).

Viktor Semenovych Feldman (1915-2008): to the 100th anniversary of the famous Odessa bibliographer and local historian.

Book rarities of Viktor Semenovych Feldman fund. I.I. Mechnikov – pride of Ukrainian science: to the 170th anniversary of his birth.

On the eve of Ukraine independence: to the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

Viktor Ivanovych Hryhorovych (1815-1876): to the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Let’s worship low to the ground to those who in heart will live forever: to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

The resistance of genocide.


Odessa at the end of XVIII-XIX centuries according to contemporaries: to the 220th anniversary of the city founding.

Fedir Yevstafiiovych Petrun (1894-1963): historian and geographer (to the 120th anniversary of his birth).