Directorate Director of the Scientific Library Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University Podrezova M. O. (048) 777-56-92

Deputy director for Scientific Work Pruzhyna V. P. (048)777-56-94

Deputy director for Innovative Technologies Remeniak V. V. (048)777-56-94

Deputy director for General Issues Surovtseva  O. V. (048)777-56-94


Departments Head of the Department Contact information
Department complex collection Danilyuk N. Ye.

(048) 777-56-93


Department of information and analytic monitoring Liakhu O. I. (048)777-56-94

Division of circulation services Kozhukhar I. T. (048)777-56-94
Department of Scientific Processing of Documents and Organization of Catalogues Bykova T. M. (048)777-56-94
Information-bibliographic Department Murashko O. S. (048) 777-56-94

Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts Aleksieienko M. V. (048) 777-56-95

Scientific-methodical Department Zhuravska O. O. (048)777-56-94
Service Department of scientific and educational literature (branch №1) Kula N. V. (048) 777-56-95
Service Department of scientific literature(branch №2, 3, 4) Okhrimenko I. I. (048) 680-670
Department of information technologies and computer software Chub A. N. (048)777-56-94

Department of cultural and educational work Zhukovska T. G. (048) 680-670
Art Gallery
General Service Department Niedov P. I. (048)777-56-94
Bindery (048)777-56-94