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Description archive of
A. G. Gotalov-Gotlib

Historian, Doctor of Education, one of the organizers of the Odessa Institute of National Education (OINO), professor of Odessa State University Artemy G. Gotalov-Gotlib (1866-1960) bequeathed his archive of Scientific Library.

Description archive of
N. Lange

In 1965, the fund of the Odessa State University Scientific Library entered the personal archive of the Imperial Novorossiysk University Professor Nicholas Lange.

Description archive of B. O. Lupanov

Особовий архівний фонд літературознавця та мовознавця, фахівця із романо-германської філології, професора Бориса Олександровича Лупанова (1887-1959) надійшов до бібліотеки після смерті власника разом з особистою бібліотекою, яка згодом стала іменним книжковим фондом.


Description archive of
F. E. Petrun


Archive of the famous Ukrainian scientist, historian, geographer, ethnographer and bibliographer Fedor E. Petrun (1894-1963) was transferred to the Scientific Library of Odessa State University of I. I. Mechnikov by the owner in 1962, together with the book collection, which is stored as the name of the fund of the university library.

Description archive of
V. S. Feldman and O. Y. Notkina

Archive famous Odessa bibliographers-ethnographers Victor S. Feldman (1915-2008) and Olga Y. Notkina (1923-2007) was submitted to the Scientific Library of ONU in 2008