Librarians of the Richelieu lyceum

Ришельевский лицей

In the first years of Richelieu lyceum his director abbot Charles Dominique Nicol (1758-1835) was engaged in a book meeting of an institution, which personally went to Paris for acquisition of books on money of the former city’s mayor and governor general of the Novorossiysk region Armand of Jean du Plessi, the duke Richelieu (15 thousand francs) offered the last for library of lyceum in Odessa. An abbot Nikol also endowed lyceum library the salary for a year.

Permanent position of librarian in Richelieu lyceum was entered only in 1850.  Until this time, lyceum teachers who held this position in combination were librarians.

  1. Cheremisinov Mykola Semenovych (1792-?) – Master’s degree of the Kharkiv University, adjunct of department of Greek, Latin and Russian literature of the Richelieu lyceum. The first librarian of the Richelieu lyceum, engaged in lyceum book collection in 1819-1820.
  2. Hrynevych Illia Fedorovych (?-?) – Master’s degree of the Kharkiv University, professor of Latin and Russian literature (1821-1826), acting as professor of jurisprudence and political economy (with 1825). The librarian of Richelieu lyceum in 1821-1826.
  3. Symonovych Platon Oleksiiovych (1795-1866) – professor of commercial sciences and political economy in the Richelieu lyceum. He managed a lyceum library in combination in 1827-1832. The first handwritten catalogue of fundamental library was presented professor to Board of lyceum on December 25, 1829. Books and magazines (976 names in more than 3200 volumes) in the catalogue of P. A. Symonovych are located in a systematic sequence, on industries of sciences. For drafting of the first catalogue of lyceum, library professor P. A. Symonovych took for one basis of popular and known at that time in the Russian empire of library-bibliographic classifications – «faculty system». It was beginning thus fixed to scientific organization of work of library of Richelieu lyceum.
  4. Filip Karlovych Brun (Philipp Jakob Bruun; 1804-1880) – Master’s degree of Derptskyi University, adjunct of department of universal history and statistics. The librarian of Richelieu lyceum in combination in 1832-1835. In the days of his lyceum library management addition to the book fund processed due to the centralized purchase of train aids, book-exchange, gifts of private individuals and establishments.
  5. Fridrikh Karl Knorre (?-?) – held a position of the librarian of the main (fundamental) library of Richelieu lyceum in combination in 1835-1838. For period of his work to book, lyceum collection a numeral book gift acted from the son of former rector of the Kharkiv University A. I. Stoykovycha in an amount a 951 name in 1633 volumes and 100 units of magazines.
  6. Bekker Pavlo Vasylovych (Paul Adam von Becker; 1808-1881) – master’s degree Derptskyi and Leipzig universities, specialist on Greek and Latin philology, archaeologist. P. V. Bekker was the librarian of basic (fundamental) library Richelieu lyceum in 1838-1850 and cabinet for reading of newspapers and magazines in 1838-1845. Exactly P. V. Bekker was conducted large work on organization of lyceum library: all book fund of library was first inventory, inventory numbers are given books and all copies are stamped. Also first, in 1839, P. V. Bekker was made rules of storage of books and work of library of lyceum. In 1843 in the complement of library of lyceum in Odessa books got from Vilno medico-surgical academy. In times of managing the library of P. V. Bekker the teachers of lyceum actively joined in work with a book fund, that especially showed up in-process library committees.
  7. Petrovskyi Volodymyr Vasylovych (1815-1852?) – Pupil of Richelieu lyceum, master of Derptskyi University, expert in mathematics, physics and astronomy. He managed the library of lyceum of short duration time: from April for June 1849, retired on the state a health.
  8. Shyshkovskyi Vitalii Matviiovych (1822 – after 1891) – Pupil of Richelieu lyceum, in 1848-1850 was appointed to the Office of the Odessa school district trustee-manager assistant. . On July 17, 1850, he is confirmed to the post of the librarian of Richelieu Lyceum. V. M. Shishkovskyi was continued work on drafting of catalogues of library of lyceum based on the «faculty system» of library-bibliographic classification of sciences. For years, work V. M. Shishkovskyi on position of librarian addition to the fund proceeded due to the centralized purchase of train aids, book-exchange and giving. Among the large gifts of private individuals is book collection of director Nikitskyi botanical garden in Crimea of Kh. kh. Stevena and Slavic library of professor of V. I Hryhorovych. V. M. Shyshkovskyi continued to hold a position of librarian in the Novorossiysk University.



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